Concentrated Solar Power Plant Stromboli Solar S.r.l. – Trapani

On 18 February 2020 FATA signed the EPC contract with the “project company” Stromboli Solar for the construction of another CSP plant in Trapani for a total power of 4 MWe.

“Stromboli Solar” plant is part of the industrial program for the development of CSP “linear Fresnel trough” plants having a binary mixture of molten salts as process fluid, with a storage capacity of 16 hour and therefore capable to ensure a substantially continuous production of electricity.

The Stromboli Solar plant collects the experiences and lessons learned accumulated by FATA during the development and construction of the sister plant located in Partanna, now in the process of entering into industrial operation.

In Stromboli Solar, FATA also directly supervised the primary reflectors production factory, optimizing productivity and unit costs in order to open the way for more competitive and larger plants.