The consortium formed by Siemens Energy and Fata S.p.A. will supply two electricity conversion stations for the “Adriatic Link” project, Terna’s ambitious project that will connect Marche and Abruzzo by means of a High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology through a 250-km-long power link, 210 km of which submarine, and will allow to increase the exchange capacity between the Central-South and Central-North areas of the country.

The Consortium, including Fata, will provide the two turnkey conversion stations located in Fano (Pesaro and Urbino) and Cepagatti (Pescara), designed to convert the Alternating Current (AC) they receive from the respective local networks into 500 kilovolts Direct Current (DC), which will be sent through the submarine cables.

Fata will be responsible of the balance of plant, which will include the civil works, the supply and installation of the electromechanical systems and auxiliary systems, and the start-up assistance for a total value of approximately 163 million euros.

May 21 2024