Purchased goods and services account for a large share of the budget of our projects. Therefore, we regard our Vendors – Suppliers and Contractors alike – as crucial key players to the success of FATA.

FATA is committed to start, maintain and improve a mutually beneficial, trusted and long-term relationship with all Vendors that prove capable to add value to the services we provide to our Customers.

We regularly hold open and fair competitions to select Vendors from around the world and we work hard to provide them with equal business opportunities.

Our Vendor Management System is focused on the continual development and improvement of our list of approved Vendors and is inspired to the following principles:

  1. Structured approached to qualification.
  2. Compliance with laws, ethic code and commercial obligations.
  3. Constant monitoring of performance.
  4. Prompt feedback in case of deviation from expectations.

We rank prospective Vendors on the basis of:

  • Capability to meet technical, economic, financial and organizational requirements.
  • Quality Management System.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Management System.
  • Compliance with labour laws and all other legal requirements applicable to the conduct of their business.
  • These requirements are initially evaluated by means of a Vendor Questionnaire.

The form must be completed electronically and submitted to the following e-mail address:

The submission of the Vendor Questionnaire is the first step towards qualification, although in some cases it may be the only one. If the case requires (e.g., for those products and/or services that we rate as critical), the process may continue with the request of additional supporting documents and with one o more assessment visits.

All this will allow the prospective Vendor to introduce its organization, facilities, products and services, and, if successful, to be included in FATA Vendor List and invited to participate to our tenders.

For FATA success and Vendor improvement, FATA will monitor Vendor performance through every phase of the relationship, i.e. tender, contract negotiation, order execution and closure.

Punctuality, quality and a cooperative attitude are the aspects we rank higher in our dealings with Vendors.